Kinesiology is a relaxing and uplifting therapy that aims to restore and maintain physical and emotional balance in all aspects of our lives. Kinesiology is a blend of a deep understanding of how energy moves in the body combined with the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and nutrition.

Sometimes our way may become blocked, we become ill or we lose our energy, we cannot find satisfaction or fulfilment, or we may suspect there is more to life but cannot find it. Kinesiology is an excellent way of clearing any emotional, physical & energetic blocks thus putting us back on track with our unique Life Pathway and into alignment with our innate natural health and well-being.

Kinesiology can help with a very wide range of problems including;  Diet & Nutrition, Environmental Factors, Finding & Reaching Goals in Life,  Improved Posture, Increased Energy & Vitality, Support through Life Changes, Life Style, Relaxation, Relief from Physical Stress & Muscular Tension, Self Confidence & Self Esteem,  Improved Performance, Stress Management and much more. The subtle art of muscle testing is a key part of Kinesiology. This is a gentle non-invasive way of getting direct bio-feedback from the body, mind and energy systems. Light pressure is applied to limbs that are placed in positions isolating specific muscles. Energy systems associated with the muscle’s function can then be assessed based upon these test results.

During the treatment you remain fully clothed and muscle testing will be used to discover any energy imbalances. Once found these are cleared using a variety of healing techniques including gentle touch applied to acupressure points on the body; slightly firmer pressure may also be applied to certain muscles and reflex points to restore balance and harmony. Advice concerning your diet, nutrition and lifestyle will also be given. This is working with the very practical physical level of the body where we can strengthen, heal and encourage energy to flow.

Other levels of being which may hold us back in our lives can be identified and released; including emotions which run our lives, outdated thought patterns and habits that no longer serve us. If our energetic systems (electromagnetics) are out of balance, then we may lack vitality, excitement and interest in life. Balancing our subtle energy systems means we can vibrate with both health and colour.

The origin or cause of the problem must be identified and then cleared. Causes can stem from our personal history, ancestral influences, the environment, our lifestyle or from geopathic stress. Some causes are known and conscious, others are unknown and sub-conscious or can operate as vague fears and anxieties. Unearthing the causes of the problems and clearing the system of them is the powerful and advanced technique known as Kinesiology.  A Kinesiology treatment is gentle and suitable for people of all ages. Each session is highly individual and unique. Kinesiology promotes natural health, well-being and positivity.

£45 for 1hr, & £50 for 75mins, £60 for 90mins sessions in Taunton.