Flower Essence Therapy


A Flower Essence is the energy signature of a flower, tree or plant preserved in water and a small amount of alcohol. The Essences are safe for everyone and are used to support us with personal growth and well-being. They work gently by encouraging positive change in our life. It is a spiritual approach to health.

Flower Essence Therapy is effective for all kinds of problems. The Essences are helpers from the plant world directly reconnecting us to nature and our natural self. After a consultation, the appropriate Essences will be selected and therapeutically applied. Some may be placed directly onto your skin, or by aroma, sprayed in the air around you or taken orally with water.

You will also be given a Combination Essence for your personal use, carefully selected from an extensive range of Flower Essences from around the world, including Harebell Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, Healing Herbs, Australian Bush Flower Remedies and Green Man Essences.

Sometimes Flower Essences are accompanied with an affirmation or positive statement to help you embody the energy signature. These treatments are profound and unique offering a connection to the magic of the Plant world. Expand your senses and drink in the beauty of Nature.

£45 – approximately one hour sessions  in Taunton.